My boss used to call me “cheap” all the time, one of the reasons is that I take a “Grand Taxi” to and from work every day. I never cared because when I compare taking a “Petit Taxi” for 20+ DH to 4 DH, the choice is easy (at least for me). But there are days when I regret that choice immensely, for wasting too much time waiting to complete those 6 seats or for just being too tight.

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My solution is to reduce the number of seats from 6 to 4 in what i call '4x6 TaxiCab', and raise the price from 4(average price) to 6 DH. Moroccans can afford/accept that rate, when they know this can reduce the waiting time significantly and will make the experience much more convenient (only 4 in the cab, every passenger got his seat ).

Now.. Imagine , every cab driver in the city knows there is 4 other people share the same starting point and destination at the same time, this definitely will encourage everyone with a car to join 4x6 TaxiCab.

how it works?

I divided the city into multiple zones and stations, to create the most common destinations and locations for people willing to take 4x6 TaxiCab, in the largest/crowded streets and neighborhoods:

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To take a ride to ‘Casabarata’ Tangier, and your location for example is near Stade Ibn Batouta. You just need to click on ‘Casabarata’ station. the starting point is the nearest station which is ‘Hay Hassani’:

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4x6 TaxiCab check automatically for other passengers (to complete the 4 seats) and for an available car in the zone of the request.

The main challenge for me was to know exactly where to put zones and stations, how can I make it easier for the drivers to collect passengers without wasting time, and to avoid putting the ‘stations’ too far from the passenger. What I did is collect informations from taxi drivers in Casablanca and Rabat, look for the crowded districts in the city and make the stations away from the passenger by only 5-minute walk (except Airports and Train/Tram stops).

Next, I need to collect more data (distances, bills, human behaviors... ) from users throughout the country to provide a better user experience, create or relocate stations, improve the waiting time (currently 10 minutes) and make more cars available in high traffic hours. I didn't put any invite system for the Passengers because of people nowadays use more and more different ways to interact with each other: Whatsapp, Facebook, Sms, Email, 'Knocking on door', Twitter Call… i left this open to the user (for now).

I honestly believe this solution will improve cab sharing experience for drivers and riders in Morocco. Because of the high level of acceptability of the idea from both drivers and passengers in terms of the price (cheap and fixed price) and the quality of splitting the taxi, Secondly, and probably more importantly Uber like ideas can’t be successful because of the competitive fare of “Petit Taxi”.

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