4Women is an app that provides safe , reliable and easy commute options exclusively for women passengers looking for sharing rides and joining shared rides

User OnBoarding

A user can sign up into the app with her Facebook account and privacy and security is ensured through a 2 step verification process which involves verification via phone number . The phone number is mapped and saved to the user and is currently hidden from other users ( We plan to use the phone number to initiate contact between shared riders in the near future )


The one stop pit that displays real time notifications regarding all your activity on the app . If you’ve posted a ride, the dashboard lists users who are open to pooling your ride, along with the option to message them , accept their request or reject their ride request. If you’ve asked for a share, it lists other users who’ve accepted or rejected your request to share their ride.Here we solve the mini challenge for women who have hosted a ride to choose from prospective co-riders . The dashboard also lets a user send messages via the app to co-users who have asked to join a ride , or been sent a ride request . The mini challenge of ride sharing app exclusively for women is another milestone that's in place for the app going forward

Find a Ride

Find a ride lists out all active rides posted by other users. Find the best ride you can hop on to from source, destination, number of vacant seats and the expected departure date and time info about all active rides. We prevent too much date to make the user overwhelmed by showing rides in the ascending order of date and limiting posting rides to a maximum of two weeks in advance . Find a ride also allows users to see a short profile bubble of the users who have posted the ride and message them through the bubble .

Post a Ride

Post a ride allows users to post their ride details that include the source , destination , date of travel ,time of travel and vacant seats . To ensure that only relevant ride details are shared we allow only users to post rides up to two weeks in advance to ensure better , quicker and more useful results for other users .


Conversations let's a user manage and see his message history with other riders and thereby initiating , improving and maintaining an interpersonal relationship with other users of the same platform .


Notifications is another core feature of the app with instant notifications delivered for 4 main user actions
User gets a ride share request
User gets an acceptance for ride share request sent
User gets a rejection for ride share request sent
User gets a message from another user

Future improvements

Future improvements involving sharing of phone numbers between users who have exchanged messages and / or are a part of shared rides . It has been currently disabled for privacy concerns and will be in place once a block other users feature is in place . We also plan to give search options for finding rides in the next version .

Please note that for testing purposes by the judges and feedback from initial users , the app live on playstore allows men to login and use the app . To get the women only version kindly download the apk from this link

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