Idea description

Now, no one can imagine their life without a car. Moreover, a lot of us have their own cars. The interesting part is that everyone who have car's key can drive it even without owner's knowing. This way it could be stolen.

What if every time a person tries to take someone's car, the owner would get a picture of the that person and at the same time will be able to restrict to drive(bad case) it or if he knows about that he will allow it (good case).

Use cases

  1. John left his car in a dangerous district for a night, at the night he instantly got a notification that someone tries to take his car and as he saw his keys were stolen from him. This way John took a pic of the thief and called police. :)

  2. Sara left her car home for a week with her keys. Her grandson tried to take the keys and use the car without his mother permission. Unfortunately he couldn't drive cause Sara got a notification and saw that her son wants to take the car and she blocked it.

This project solve stealing cars and problem and unauthorized car driving.


Our solution use a simple camera that is integrated in car and analyze drivers picture using computer vision from machine learning from all the list of persons that owner already gave permission to drive the car to this person.

In case that someone tries to start the engine, owner will get a notification from our mobile app that takes him to a screen were is shown driver person's face and buttons for allow or refuse.

Future plans

In future we want that if the owner denies access, the car will stop automatically and block itself.


Application is composed from 3 modules :

  • Mobile app (for owner notification and login);
  • Server ( checks if driver is trusted and send's notifications to users)
  • Car simulation module (simple camera from pc) that takes picture and send it to the server for processing .

Mobile app

Android application that uses:

  • Butterknife
  • Glide
  • Firebase
  • Retrofit


Python application using Gunicorn framework and services Azure faces API for person's detection


Python application that take users picture and sends it to the server

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