Inspiration - We wanted to make an educational game that trained / taught a user, but at the same time was interactive and fun.

What it does - Generates a series of 4 numbers that can be combined using the 4 basic operations to generate the solution. The objective is to figure out this solution within the given timelimit so that the "bomb" doesn't explode.

How I built it - We started off with a basic idea of the GUI, and from there added on functionality of the actual game.

Challenges I ran into - The large number of variables that needed to be tracked in order to make all of the calculations work was difficult, especially because the program had to update the screen constantly for the user.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - We were able to implement a system where the computer initially computes all possible solutions to a set of 4 numbers, and from there devises a difficulty for each based on how frequently that result came up in the final computation stage.

What I learned - How to use Processing to create applications completely from scratch, along as the importance of initially planning out the overall design of the app.

What's next for 4OPs (4 Operations) -

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