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What it does: Brings 4g to 2g world using existing tools and mobile phones without the need to add/install new applications. A user can simply send a text message and get 'instant answer' to get wealth of information from the internet. Focus was more for healthcare and knowledge sharing amonf developing countries like India, china and brazil. Through machine learning, user experience improve over time.

How we built it: Using multiple API's to collect and parse information. Details can be found at:

Challenges we ran into: Parsing information. Communication with bluemix and other api to do machine learning and topic modeling to extract information from input text sent by the user.

What we learned Building. Hacking. Learning.

What's next for 4g2g: Having a global platform for people using 2g and 3g to interact with global information easily and effectively. We wish to bring the power of siri/Alexa to 2g using only text and mms and have a personalized communication where the user can ask information in any domain; healthcare, business, weather, general knowledge etc

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