The traffic demand is always exceed the highway capacity tremendously of Hsuehshan Tunnel in Taiwan during the peak period on holidays. We must to find some way out for this problem.

What it does

We built an APP of booking system for potential road users to smooth the traffic demand of Hsuehshan Tunnel by the different toll charges. This APP also has a mechanism to ensure the priority passage for the residents in Yilan County.

How I built it

We introduced the 4G technology and the concepts of Big Data by access to the open data in the website of Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau. The software resources of Node.js, MySQL, and Java were applied to setup the APP of Traffic Transformer for the adjacent areas in Hsuehshan Tunnel.

Challenges I ran into

Time is so limited, task is so tough. We just can do our best during a such short time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

How time flies. We finally finished a great job for the APP and demo version of this pioneer "4G Traffic Transformer " with first 4G OBU that we developed and the Big Data online applications.

What I learned

Teamwork is one of the most important issues for creating a new concept and product. Of course, it also need an excellent leader and a clear vision for the team.

What's next for 4G Traffic Transformer

It's our destiny to run a real business for this APP and the first 4G OBU in Taiwan, no matter what we win the prize or not.

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