With the development of technology and network infrastructure, the Internet, which started with Web 1.0 era of reading and writing, has managed to make a huge revolutionary leap with a transition to Web 2.0 era of content creation.

Today's Internet generates and distributes unprecedented amount of data every day. Centralized institutions serve as gatekeepers to provide services to a large number of users . There is no doubt that they make too much money from the value created by users and developers. However, due to the situation today, various centers of Web2 faced a series of problems ralevent with the unfairness, deceit, and censorship problems exposed by the design are increasing seriously.

That's why we need to move forward into the next generation of the Internet - Web.3.0.

4EVERLAND is a Web.3.0 cloud computing platform. We integrate excellent blockchain protocols and network underlying capabilities to make it easier for developers to develop on the blockchain with Web3 network and technology. Under the complete development supporting provided by 4EVERLAND, everyone can enjoy working in Web.3.0 with the fun of development.

Now developers can complete the front-end deployment of IPFS and complete file hosting and access based on IPFS or Arweave through 4EVERLAND. At the same time, 4EVERLAND provides developers with a one-stop global acceleration gateway compatible with Web2.

Dfinity, as a network with powerful decentralized storage, network and computing capabilities, 4EVERLAND will integrate Dfinity to provide users with comprehensive Web.3.0 cloud computing services.

Thanks to SuperNova, offer us this opportunity to stand on the stage, we glad to demonstrate the first step of our integration of Dfinity—“IC-hosting”.🙏

What it does

4EVERLAND provides users with one-stop website deployment and access services in Dfinity. Users can directly host the front-end on the Dfinity network through github authorization or local Cli on 4EVERLAND.

At the same time, in order to motivate our users to migrate the front-end from the centralized server to Dfinity, 4EVERLAND will provide users with the free version of the basic service, and allows all the developers hosted on IPFS through 4EVERLAND to sync the front end to Dfinity.

How we built it

Our server will call the Dfinity interface to create a container for the project.

When the project is packaged and constructed in Hosting, it will transfer the packaged files to the corresponding container of Dfinity.

When it finish, Dfinity will back for us with corresponding project hash, we will use the IC public gateway to access this hash to realize the whole process of construction, deployment and access.

Allow projects quickly deploy to Dfinity through 4EVERLAND Hosting service with "One-Click".

Challenges we ran into

Through the Dfinity's detailed documentation, we haven't found too many challenges at this stage, but we will face many challenges in the future:

We will start the development of Dfinity's dedicated gateway as soon as possible after the integration. We try to find various sloutions in specific way.

For instance, how to make the gateway's global acceleration experience better? How to return container ownership to the user? How to provide users with more payment methods? Meanwhile, we have integrated IPFS and Arweave. How to connect and empower Dfinity with IPFS or Arweave? These all will face challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With the development of 4EVERLAND today, we have more than 35K DApps which choose to use 4EVERLAND to host websites or data in a decentralized network, among which there are many well-known DeFI projects such as Uniswap community and FstSwap.; We also become the ecological infrastructure of Polygon, zkSync, Near and other ecosystems due to our excellent functions and service experience;

We have many advanced innovations, such as the first storage aggregator compatible with both IPFS and Arweave, the only provider of SNS (Solana Name Service) IPFS public gateway; We believe that integrating Dfinity will be an important milestone for us to become "the best solution" on the market;

4EVERLAND has a strong community and developer base today, and we believe that in the future we will be very much proud that we have helped countless developers to enjoy the experience of developing in Dfinity through 4EVERLAND.

What we learned

We have fully understood how to integrate Dfinity in front-end deployment to provide users with convenient and stable hosting services.

Furthermore, we have been exploring Dfinity as the underlying architecture in an all-round way . We are thinking about how to expand and establish available Web3 PaaS and SaaS services, and link with more protocols on the chain and off the chain to achieve data storage, network and computing capabilities, which will help us serve users in the future and providing comprehensive Web.3.0 cloud computing services has laid the foundation.

What's next for 4EVERLAND

For the integration of Dfinity, we will take IC hosting as our first step, and we will ebhance the development of the following integrated Dfinity in the future;

  • Develop and maintain a dedicated Dfinity gateway to ensure the stability and friendly experience of access;
  • Associating ENS, SNS, DNS with the front-end hosted on Dfinity;
  • Return the ownership of the container to the user;
  • Achieve multi-currency payment of resources, and integrate Dfinity's login method to provide one-stop service experience for Dfinity ecological users;
  • Linking Dfinity to our IPFS Swarm network We already have a feasible solution. As you know, we have completed the synchronization of IPFS and Arweave files. So that Dfinity will also be linked with Arweave;

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