A lot of us happen to work together. And recently have been running into troubles developing on top of a Drupal site that's passed through too many devs' hands. Now Drupal is a CMS system built for people that don't necessarily program and it's good at that. But as programmers, we frequently have to edit these sites or Wordpress themes for freelance clients. When it takes longer to deal with modules than actually coding the functionality we want, there's a definite problem. So we solved it. 4dev is a front end and back end web development framework built for developers by developers.

What it does

4Dev is a content management framework that finds the middleground between client and developer. 4Dev’s strength is its ability to be easily edited by those with no web development experience as well as having flexible components for experienced developers to further customize the layout to their client’s needs. For this hackathon we decided to make the 4Dev content management framework to create a hub of information for those interested in getting into FPV drone racing.

How we built it

The entire front end system is built using SCSS which allows us to easily create classes usable throughout the entire web development process. The back end which is ideally a replacement for Drupal’s content management system is built using some interesting interactions using javascript, jquery, php, and sql which allows users with admin access who have been logged in to edit content.

Challenges we ran into

Javascript is difficult. Amazon AWS didn’t work, so we couldn’t use it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The framework works and is usable. Learning how to do everything and bring it all together to make a final product.

What we learned

Amazon AWS was difficult to integrate due to logistical issues. Digital Ocean has amazing documentation and is easier to understand. HTML 5.1 is a great.

What's next for 4dev

We're planning on rebuilding our research organization's site completely using our framework and convincing them to migrate over permanently. After that, who knows? We know a lot of devs who work with Drupal and edit themes for their clients. We want to see if they're interested, and if they are, then we have a larger market to explore.

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