Last year, we wanted to build Augmented Reality between two people that can be played around the world. We wanted to make fantasy game that would not be seen normally today, like Pokemon. With technology like Microsoft Kinect, we can interact with User actions and animation at same time.

What it does

The game is a 2 player gesture-based fighting game. Two users are using two Kinects backed by a Firebase backend to read all the data. The players are attempting to use these gestures to inflict damage on one another until a player wins. When a player gets hit, the phone vibrates in their pocket to give them feedback.

How I built it

We started out with generic game view where you can see yourself on the Kinect screen of the computer. We formatted that we can recognize the gestures on the screen and add graphics. We also integrated IOS device to the game so users can get real time feed back and provide additional functionality to the game itself.

Challenges I ran into

We had challenges on wireless networking as we are trying to have two computers get data from other other. Rendering effects using graphics and recognizing gestures took time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we integrated Kinect, ios, and window application in one game. We were able to make a working game out of our love for fantasy gaming.

What I learned

We learning a lot about C# and the Kinect's capabilities. Although it did not completely worked, we also learned a lot about networking and how to read/write bytes between two computers. We also learned about Firebase-iOS-Visual Studio integration.

What's next for 4D-MOn

We plan to add more items and more custom appearances to enhance the user experience. We could potentially use the phone to add more effects too.

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