We wanted to capture the essence of NYC and its diverse neighborhoods, what better way than taking the Subway to every stop? Photos showcase the area surrounding each station along with some surprising facts to reveal the REAL neighborhood. See the results of our exploration of over 840 miles of track and 468 stops from the convenience of your screen.   Whether you’re a Native interested in the average income on the Upper East Side, a Tourist traveling to NYC and want more than your average tourist map, or a New Comer moving to NYC and not sure what neighborhood suites you, 468 Stops will satisfy your curiosity. 486 Stops provides the following features: 1500+ Photographs 1492 Points of Interests Revealing Neighborhood Statistics Simple Visual Navigation Simplified Subway Map You can also submit your own photo that tells a unique story about your favorite NYC moment. Upcoming versions will allow you to rate your subway stops, neighborhoods, and points of interests. All 468 Stops' users can contribute in keeping up with the ever evolving NYC.   468 Stops was designed and developed by Fulton Street Design for entry in the NYC Big Apps 2.0 contest. This “Lite” Web version offers all the 4 Line express stops in Manhattan. iPhone and iPad versions are in development and will cover all 468 New York City subway stops. They will be available in the near future in the iTunes App Store. Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/468-Stops/129814670418181?v=wall Note: Latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari web browsers are recommended

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