Inspiration - Growing up i lived in a house hold where one of my aunts were blind and i how she was very limited to the that she did, i always belived that she had this kind of technolodgy she can a lot of things that more than we can imagine.We are living in a generetion where tech lettency is not acepted by building this product we can help a millions of blind people.

What it does- It uses google vision api to recognize what is in front and it use googe's text to speach api to read out what is it is.

How I built it- used python

Challenges I ran into- raspberry pi HDMI port wasnt the greatest so i had to manage to fix that and also learn how to use the google vision api.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of- As being 1 man team i manged to finnish the project and learn form it.

What I learned- i learned not to give up and a and a lot of python and how to use google cloud service.

What's next for #45 hindsight

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