43 Days is the amount of time people will spend on hold in their lifetime. More and more customers are contacting businesses with their mobile apps - and voice actually still reigns as the channel of choice for serious/timely help.

But for customers who call from mobile apps are quickly disappointed, the agents who receive the calls have no idea the area of the app they were having and issue with, causing both customers and companies to loose time and money.

43 Days app solves this with a framework that allows any mobile app to: -- Initiate outbound phone calls from within a Mobile application (Android) in this case -- Provide Visual IVR menus, so customers can select help options -- Send application context, down to the specific item to a service or sales agent -- The agent in Service Cloud console receives the mobile application context inside of Salesforce, and location data --- Data changed in Salesforce is instantly reflected back in the mobile application.

We used an Android mobile app with Twilio APIs for call initiation, and a Salesforce REST endpoint on Heroku to provide data to the mobile app. The call is answered inside of Salesforce using Salesforce OpenCTI toolkit which allows VOIP with data to be answered inside of salesforce with no software installs.

The service Cloud console gives the agent context with the exact issue the mobile user is calling about, make changes, and send it back to the user.

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