For MHacks V, we decided we wanted to make some sort of fun, simple, game. We thought ASCII graphics would be a pretty interesting touch, and gave us a great opportunity to play on the theme #42ff23, the shade of green that Coyote Logistics is sponsoring.

The game is a spin on the popular internet game "Copter". You play as a helicopter that has to avoid obstacles and keep flying as long as possible. It's a lot of fun, and we think people will enjoy playing it during the demos.

The program itself is written in Python. User input is obtained via the PyUserInput library, and everything on screen is draw using the Python NCurses bindings.

A cool feature is that the game can be played using computer vision; a webcam looks for a single object that is close to the color #42ff23 and determines the centroid of the object. Depending on whether or not that centroid is above a certain threshold, the copter will go up or down.

Built With

  • 42ff23
  • ncurses
  • python
  • pyuserinput
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