Our team originally planned to make a solar panel calculator for the "Climate Change and Environment" track. We planned to ask the user for their location, electricity cost, solar panel cost, and solar panel efficiency and fetch solar irradiance information from a few websites and APIs. We then planned to calculate the amount of watts in solar energy that their location would get. After that, we planned to display the calculated Return On Investment(ROI) and how much money they could save in electricity costs in the 20 year lifetime of their panels. After some research we realized that the project would take too long to make as we kept running into complications with the solar irradiance API. After hours of brainstorming, a few team meetings and a bunch of rejected ideas, we finally decided to make a webpage that showed all of our current mental states. And that is how we ended up creating '404'. We as a team decided that we couldn’t continue working on the original project and decided toward a light hearted interactive webpage.

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Challenges we ran into

Not having

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a cool 404 error page

What we learned

CSS Animations, Time management, Making webpages, Working under pressure and many more skills.

What's next for 404

We plan to add Ads its revenue will be donated towards climate change related organisations and groups.

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