Inspiration : With technology offering more ways to connect customers to businesses, it can become difficult to truly understanding how your team is performing in correlation to your customers’ expectations. As the consumer market continues to evolve, the manager or supervisor of a customer facing team is always looking for tools to assist them in understanding their team’s performance and enhancing the customer experience.

With tone-based analyses already being explored to evaluate emotion within the customer service sphere, it becomes apparent that there is a need for a reporting tool which can support this analysis and break it down into a dashboard for easy review. This will enable Managers to harness emotional intelligence and guide their team in providing a better customer experience.

What it does: ToneIntell is a tool which turns speech into text, which automatically processes through an algorithm to interpret emotion through tone and verbiage.

With this information, the Manager can go in an evaluate each team member’s performance within this call. They will be able to view the hot spots of the call which ideally, would be positive markers. Should the call's emotional experience be negative, the Manager is able to identify the key sentences which triggered this emotional response and easily assign training material to their direct reports.

The goal of this product is to enable managers to be self-sufficient during their 1on1s. Opposed to listening to each call individually and making an assessment on the go, this product will allow managers to see in real time the emotions portrayed through voice and enable them to focus more on performance management and individual development.

With the ability to manually link training material to the product, once an area of opportunity is discovered, the manager can automatically assign training material to their team members. This allows for an accessible and sufficient way to provide further training to their direct reports in order to enhance the customer experience.

How we built it

We built a iOS app using Objective C and back-end powered by IBM Watson to do the sentiment analysis.

Challenges we ran into

Speech to text conversion using the existing voice enabled technologies has limitations when it comes to punctuation's and grammar. This hindered the capacity of the sentimental analysis for its accurateness.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have built a successful prototype to demonstrate the value of sentiment analysis in providing manager the insights necessary to focus the resources on the training the team needs. In turn enabling them to provide better customer support.

What we learned

Sentiment analysis is still in its early stages. The application of this in different areas are limitless. We understood the value of IBM Watson and the work they are doing to make the technology and resources accessible to public to foster the innovation culture.

What's next for 404! Group Name Does Not Exist

Get the next iteration of this prototype and present to the senior leaders in our company to see if we can get more data for our tool and make it better.

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