What it does

Not hurting geese, for sure

How we built it

We believed in ourselves

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned


What's next for 404


Built With

  • c#
  • cinemafinderapi
  • confidence
  • geese
  • iplocation-api
  • omdb-api
  • screenscrapper
  • sql
  • tweetapi
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posted an update

At first we wanted to host the SQL database using and Amazon Web Services . but we couldn't get that operational. We had in mind a website that would communicate with a backend database; The database has a catalog of films, but if a user names a film not in the database it will run the omdb API that will collect info from IMDB and add that entry to the database. Also we had user accounts and we had a service running that would manage and allow accounts to be created with forms but we couldn't connect the HTML/PHP with the C# desktop app so the web part of the project was abandoned. The desktop app does still have users and you can add freinds on the site. when you add a film to your watched library it lets you give it a rank that we would use to provide recommendations to your friends, And also there was a menu that ran a IP tracing API that found out your approximate post code . with this info we invoked a CinemaFinding API that would run the nearest cinema's to you. The API could also provide now showing information, however this feature is currently deactivated in the API do to a format change. Lastly we wanted to use our own rating system. For this we used a Twitter mood detector that showed if people posted positively of negatively about the movie and then a screen scraper collected that information. we had a issue about how to then transfer this information into c# and doing so with Live information on request.

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