Traditional input methods are efficient but difficult for those with disabilities to use.

What it does

Sprintf requires minimal movements to operate. It involves selecting required letters from a continuous stream, and is aided by predictive technologies.

How to use it

  • Move to the right to move to the next character.
  • Move up and down to select characters.
  • Move to the left to delete characters.
  • A character is selected when the center point is contained by the rectangle for that character. Subsequent characters would be nested within that rectangle.

How we built it

Sprintf is built using HTML canvas and the ProcessingJS Library. The predictive sensing is based on a list of common words in the English Language.

Challenges we ran into

The overall idea is fairly intuitive but implementing the logic is challenging. The overall system is similar to a real-time interactive environment.

What we learned

How to properly write commit messages.

What's next for Sprintf

Text prediction can be improved. More visual aid can be added to reduce the cognitive burden of using it.

Built With

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