One of our teammates visited Malaysia. We were inspired by the technique they kept their society clean. So we wanted our surroundings to be clean and people around us should be responsible for the waste they throw.

What it does

A user-friendly software application is built. This application collects images from users then the image passes through the verification process. New Ticket is created if it is verified. After waste is cleaned ticket closes. For more details please look into our mindmap

How I built it

We used Html, Css, Java Scrpit to build the application.

Challenges I ran into

We tried to cover the edge case (if the image is not uploaded cleaners can create their own ticket after verification)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Helping cleaners society makes me proud

What I learned

Completing a website along with my crew being in our house

What's next for #4 iGreen Site

1.Changing our website to a Mobile Application 2.Fix sensors in the high waste index area 3.Automating process to detect image as waste 4.Making as open-source to solve more problems

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