Inspiration: What inspired me in making this app was child obesity. Lots of kids are obese (13.7 million to be exact) and they aren't eating healthy. Usually people that don't eat healthy as a child won't as an adult. I thought about changing that.

What it does: My app gives you recipes that are healthy for you to eat so you could get the benefits of eating healthy without missing out of foods you like.

How I built it: Lots of research, lots of time spent in MIT App inventor

Challenges I ran into: Space for the text I need to put in, and the amount of screens I can have

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Being able to have my app submitted

What I learned: 18.5% of children are obese. Childhood obesity is a problem in the United States as well as obesity in adults. Nutrition and exercise are the foundations to combating obesity.

What's next for 4 Health: More recipes which are representatives of the different diets and health conditions (i.e Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescetarian) and more exercises added, as well as a feature allowing virtual session with a registered dietitian or nutritionist, this would create and ease of access to a professional to guide you in the right direction for your health.

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