The management of crowds is one of the most important challenges of Hajj. Every year, more than 2 million people gather in one place and move from place to place in a short space of time, not exceeding a few hours. These great numbers are possibly to share same places at same times, leading to congestion, possible chokes and huge incidents.

What it does

Crowd Management System used by group leaders, enables them to check available time slots that will not have great congestion. also ,book a time slot to move between Almashar Al-Mogdasah(مشاعر المقدسة ). These time slots were determined based on the prediction of intensities of hajji at different times by analyzing data in previous years along with other factors. along with constant monitoring the crowds .

How I built it

  • Data Analytics of past years to get Prediction model that predicts the Capacity of each road in different Hours using Regression.
  • Android Application helps group leader to reserve time to move from the available times and extract QR which represents permission to move at this time.

Challenges I ran into

How to get accurate data of number of people at places ? The network is sometimes week at some places. The number of people at Hajj is increasing year after year.

What I learned

Learn how to meet deadlines and work under stress for more than 2 days of continuous work. Also, learn how to make a good brainstorming and how to adapt to work with new team. Solving problems. Innovation. get simple applicable solutions and alternatives. use the already existing resources to develop a fast , low cost solution.

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