What is blood bot ? Blood bot is the first messenger bot that allows people to request blood donation from nearby donors and also give the ability to everyone to be a blood donor at the nearby area if his age is 18 or older and he did the blood examination test .

How it works ? when you came to the bot for the first time , you ‘ll have a brief introduction about how it works and the pre-requirements from donor and receiver ,

Donor : will be asked to choose his blood type ,age,location ( user can send his location by writing it or using messenger location button ) and optional enter his phone number Receiver : When you request a blood donation you’ll be asked to send your location , and choose the needed blood type, write a case description about why he/she need the blood and also the phone number is optional step . Algorithm : Bot listen to new request every 5 seconds , whenever it found a new request and it get it is location and match it with the users location to get donors nearby this location with the same blood type then broadcast a message to everyone around this user asking him to donate blood for someone nearby .

When user choose ‘i’m ready’ he’ll have a various ways of communication between the two sides , he can talk directly trough chat that created through the bot Get the second side information i.e phone number , name ) if he did not skip the phone number step . send the 2nd side his information ( i.e phone number , name ) if he did not skip the phone number step . Then ? what is going to happen ? Blood bot will get back to the user who accept to donate after few hours asking him if he completed his donation properly ?

if the user reply with ‘yes , i’v completed the donation ‘ the bot gets back to the receiver and asking him , if he received the donation from (i.e Ahmed ) as he mentioned ? if both sides confirm the process .. the request state change to be completed ,and donors will not be receiving any new requests till 3 months . Something else ? yes , blood bot has many future to be describe

if user does not know his blood type and reply to the bot ‘ how do i know ‘ blood bot will guide to the steps he should take to know his blood type . Real-time statistics ( how many donor we have , how many country we’re in , how many request is being preformed ) Nearby hospitals :You’ll get an access to know all nearby hospitals ( it is rate , and how to reach it from your location ) . ….

What it does

it connect between nearby by blood requester and local donor at the same area

How I built it

I have build it using node with mysql database and i have used aws to host it since the very first time then we had to roll back to heroku in regarding of the budgest

Challenges I ran into

We've faced many challenges starting from connecting people and making them trust us to

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We've saved at lest 100 people life during the last few months !

What I learned

I have learned that the most valuable thing in the whole life is to keep and give someone a life !

What's next for Blood Bot

We aim to connect with local banks and make it cover more areas , currently we have more than 10k donor from all over egypt

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