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Project inspiration

As we know, Three-wheelers or “Bajajs” in our country, are already used for transporting passengers and goods. These transportation auto-rickshaws are relatively simple and affordable as compared to taxi vans and other regular-sized public transport vehicles. This fact created an analogy with KaiOS devices in our minds. KaiOS devices are simple and affordable devices. This is why the idea of creating a three-wheeler hailing app for passengers and those three wheeler drivers who can probably only afford simple feature phones such as the kaiOS phones seemed like a perfect project idea.

What we are trying to do is digitalize and make the hailing system that already exists into an easily applicable one. It puts everyone in considerations: Three Wheeler drivers, passengers and shop owners.

What we built

We created an app which is both easy to use on kaiOS devices and appealing to the eye (in terms of UI/UX) and we ended up creating two separate apps namely, 3Go Driver and 3Go Passenger

Screenshots from the apps

Here are some screenshots from what we built so far
Sign-up Page Login Page Retrived GPS based location

Features (3Go Driver)

  • Driver login page
  • Drivers can see a list of passenger requests
  • Accept / Decline passenger requests
  • Can see passenger info (name, phone number, request type [passenger only | goods only | passenger with goods ]
  • Can see Phone number

Features (3Go Passenger)

  • Passenger sign-up page
  • Passenger login page
  • Can choose from different types of services before submitting request [Passenger only |Goods only | Passenger with goods]
  • Can see info of driver who's willing to give service

Challenges we faced

  • Lack of enough documentation for the platform Since KaiOS does not yet have enough developers and contributors, making things work and appear as intended was challenging. But we were able to successfully achieve our UI design by diving deep into the source code of the KaiUI design library.
  • GPS service Since firefox, the backbone of kaiOS, is highly dependent on Google Location Services, it was not possible to retrieve the location of the device without an internet connection.

What we learned

Besides the fact that we, as a team have shared invaluable amounts of knowledge, we learned a lot about what the KaiOS platform is capable of, the pros and cons, and how much the core features can be extended in future updates. We have also learned how much impact open-source projects can make in the tech world

Links to our GitHub repositories

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