Our theme is ' virtual world', as we all know internet usage nowadays is worldwide.Today there are 5.16 billion internet users, that are adults, teens and even chidren, theses laters are using internet from a very young age without really having the awareness of the content that appear to them or how to distinguish between good and bad content, which makes parents really anxious about letting their children enter this world but at the same time they cannot control them or prohibit their usage off apps that became our reality, and here comes our solution which is a parental controlling software to enable parents to know what kind of content their children are watching.

What it does

Our solution is a parental monitoring software that can be installed on their children's mobile devices or computers to track their use of social networks, websites, etc. to monitor them in terms of the content they watch.

How we built it

We first did a brainstorming to discuss what functionalities can be implemented in our app, then we started the UI/UX design, front end development and back end, also we implemented a model of bad images/text detection.

Challenges we ran into

during our idea building, we had some challenges since we know that most of enhancement solutions are complicated and has a lot of security and privacy issues

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we are proud of a lot of accomplishments, we learnt a lot of concepts during a long period of time, we developed an image and text processing model to detect harmful content for children, we made the whole prototype of the mobile application, with the front and backend development, and we are proud to mention that it's our first experience in frontend development and we could make it in 2 days which is awesome! we also managed to work in stress and limited time

What we learned

as we mentioned we learned the LSTM algorithm for text processing, we also learned to develop frontend with flatter language, and we learned to work for a whole project from scratch and aalyse its different aspect, going from technical aspect to marketing side

What's next for 3ess wlidek

we still have a lot of functionalities to develop and a lot of enhancements that we are going to work for after the hackathon

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