Pains in locating what is required in a library, mall, or supermarket. Wanted to create something that would serve millions.

How it works

An indoor 3D virtualization navigation location project. The app makes it possible for you to locate any object(book,item,shop) in any given 3D space,(library, supermarket, mall). Now the first part is video representation of the virtual path that you need to take to reacch the desired object. There is an added manual navigation facility. The app has 3D input that is provided using the leap motion gesture controller while 3D output is generated using unreal engine 4.

Challenges I ran into

Code wouldn't compile! Tons of bugs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completion of a project that was 'apparently' impossible.

What I learned

Never give up, no mattter what.

What's next for 3DX

Open source project for the world, for India in particular to explore and become a revolution in the way indoor navigation takes place.

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