NDSMail by Bronto and my previous application, forecast3ds

What it does

Send emails over SMTP, receive emails over IMAP, and a nice GUI

How I built it

Using Lua Player Plus for the 3DS and implementing the mail protocols using sockets

Challenges I ran into

Buffering issues caused the application to freeze (might be a bug in LPP), implementing a mail protocol and using limited hardware, the keyboard didn't have an @ symbol, it's a lot of work

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Was able to successfully send an email using SMTP on the 3DS. Able to get parts of a homebrew app working, able to send/receive mail using telnet/openssl.

What I learned

How the mail protocols worked

What's next for 3DSMail

Maybe a rewrite once I'm comfortable with C++. A finished application that works.

Built With

  • lua
  • lua-player-plus
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