Due to the CoViD19 Crisis, there is a great need of urgent protective equipment and medical grade parts.

Indeed for phase 2 of the epidemic, a fast conversion of production facility to produce masks and ventilators parts to keep up with new safety standard

What it does

3Dintorno has developped a platform to facilitate the matching through requests of PPE and the community of makers

On demand manufacturing of medical grade equipment of PPE and ventilator parts Increasing the supply using distributed manufacturing network for selected partners to produce medical grade equipment with robust quality managment system. particularty invasive medical parts

On demand manufacturing of PPE for low risk people A network of of makers, who have 3d printer at home that may produce parts for young people without history of diseases

360° guidance on converting production facilities A virtual assessment tool for SME to point out eligibility criteria of converting production facility in line with the new Italian law Il Decreto Legge 17 marzo 2020. Having passed the assessment, an access to the logistics network along with the necessary suppliers such as additive manufacturing moldmakers will be provided

How we built it

3Dintorno has become a reality leveraging on: Collaborative tools: Github, Trello, Slack, Mural Technical: Frontend (Booststrap, CSS, HTML5, JS, Jinja forms) Backend (Python, MongoDB) Payments and logistics: tailored API integration

Challenges we ran into

A quick scalable network Fast updating of design Near future AI implementation of matching according to location for efficiency and lower pollution

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We expect an immediate impact to support medical structures located in rural areas but above all to encourage the rapid restart of public structures through the fast supply of printable protective devices where large quantities need long time to arrive. So that can be a quick, low cost and scalable solution to solve that problems

On medium and long term we expect the development of a highly reliable platform, partner of medical and industrial device companies. We expect a more active and collaborative community to support emergencies more effectively but umost a service network that can really help to decrease the level of pollution thanks to the limited distances of shipping leveraging of the network from all over the word. It can be of great impact from our point view for sustain the employment of people along all the value chain.

What we learned

We are trying to on boarding requests and 3Dmakers to co-create the solution in order to build the best experiences for all stakeholders

What's next for 3Dintorno

We need of: High value partnership to rapid scale the solution Cooperation with other initiatives or merger of platforms Front- and Back-end finalization AI implementation for matching makers and necessities Develop a sustainability concept and financing model. Clarify legal questions (Organisation form, liability, Ownership, Copyright) Optimising the human resources management Capital injections to develop the platform

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