We are really fond of sky, northern light and nature in general. But often, its not possible to experience the natural events, like I can't experience northern lights while staying in Asia, so yeah that's where the inspiration comes from. We want people to experience nature through videos, as if its real, using our hologram template generator website and an actual hologram that we made as well and thus celebrate outdoors in a fun way.

What it does

We made a website where the user can put any youtube link (we personally loved it with northern lights stock footage), and then the user would be redirected to a page that'll have the proper template set, like this:-

After that, they can just place the hologram over it and enjoy watching it in 3D. Remember that itll work best with a mobile or a tablet, because the screen should preferably be facing up.

How we built it

We used HTML-CSS for the website framework. For making it work, we used javascript, the javascript takes the link input from user and extracts the id of the youtube video and sets it to play in 4 iFrames together at the same time.

For making the hologram, we used a transparent sheet and some scissors haha, the procedure to make one for yourself can be found here: -

Challenges we ran into

It was a pretty chill project, although we faced few challenges while making the video play simultaneously and syncing them together as it was causing some permission errors and glitches, though we sorted everything in the end.

How hologram works

So the basic principle revolves around refraction of light. What happens is, when the light from mobile screen is incident on the hologram at some acute angle, a major part is reflected, and some part is refracted, the refracted part changes the perspective by 90 degrees, and a combination of reflection and refraction is what we get to see as the output, making it look like something floating, as in 3D.
So yea lol, enough physics for today.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're very elated about this idea, and have been really trying it with different kinds of nature videos lol, and thats pretty much fun!!

What we learned

We learned how to make a hologram, and some design aspects as well. We also found out how we can make fun things using simple principles of physics, and that was wholesome in a way.

What's next for 3Dfy

We would want to make it more customized so maybe user can decide what kind of music would they want in the background. We would also wanna make the screen controllable from some other device as well, for it'll be easier to manage it then.

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