3Data - Create & Present Data in Mixed Reality.

What it does

The Powerpoint and Excel of Mixed Reality

Collaboratively create dynamic 3D graphs of your data in Mixed Reality using the ML1. Drag them into slides and present to anyone in VR/MR or 2D.

How we built it

3Data is a WebVR application built on Mozilla's A-Frame framework & Magic Leap's Prismatic framework. We are currently working on a version of 3Data that will run natively on the Magic Leap 1.

Challenges we ran into

Working with in-development frameworks and unsettled standards means not everything works the way it is supposed to. The beauty of the open source community is that we can fix issues and share them back with the community.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

2018 Microsoft & Samsung WebXR Hackfest Winners

What we learned

Thus far we've been able to overcome any major hurdles in building this platform. Additionally, we've been able to get early prototypes fully functional on the Magic Leap 1.

What's next for 3Data - The Powerpoint and Excel of Mixed Reality

We are excited to be building for the Magicverse and to collaborate and present holograms to anyone on any device. We plan on distributing our project for free to the Magic Leap creator community with an SDK that allows users to create custom graph types and presentations. We are ecstatic represent an enterprise use case and add a data visualization layer to the Magicverse!

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