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When I was little, I primarily used a Nokia. At that time, my life was without games like LoL, Mario Kart. All I can play is my Nokia phone. And Snake and Tetris were the only options. Since the theme is a bit of "retro", I decided to make some retro games but with some modern elements.

What it does

It's a snake game. After opening the website, you may see a 3D stadium (Franklin Field of the University of Pennsylvania). You can adjust the angle that you are comfortable with. By default, the stadium has a satellite layout. You can choose to use a plain layout. By clicking the "start button" you'll enjoy this old game!

How I built it

I firstly download WebStorm as I began to code HTML. But I'm a beginner in HTML, so I decided to experiment the programs on I read some open source code and I understood the rule of Snake game. I also tried to find something interesting about Google cloud and I found google maps interesting. So the Snake and Google combined!

Challenges I ran into

I built a team of 4 in the beginning and we were about to work on a Tetris game. But my teammates left me. So I've worked independently in the past 22 hours and learned an entirely new computer language. At the end of the hackathon, I didn't how to eliminate the circle, or the snake's tail, created by google maps. I read through the google cloud documentary and tried to find answers on StackOverflow. Finally, I fixed it by using a method to set the circle invisible

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned a new language. I built two websites. And I learned how DNS works at the application level. But the most fun part is reading through google cloud documentary. Besides, while mapping the stadium, I spent hours in calculating longitudes and attitudes. I successfully used my trigonometry skills learned from middle school

What I learned

I've never formally coded HTML, js, or CSS prior to this hackathon. During this hackathon, I built two domains and built two websites. My programming is the combination of using w3 schools and experimenting on I've had 4 different versions of games and three of them failed. Especially at the end of the hackathon, I had no idea how to eliminate the snake's tail after it moves. Since I was using Google could, the language is completely different from online tutorials. After reading through the documents, I solve the problem. I learned that there's a method called pop() in js.

What's next for 3D Snake Game on Google Maps

I'll finish up the Tetris module and add more maps. But most importantly, I'll learn more about website building, HTML, js, CSS and Google clouds.

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