We no longer have to experience the boring 2D view of a product in online shopping. We came up with the idea of this boring experience and turn them into a project. We wanted to make something productive out of AR besides gaming, something that could enhance the current system of operations and make the life of customers simple.

What it does

It's an augmented reality meant to ease shopping, it allows users to experience a 3D view of the products, and differentiate two similar products. Basically whenever a user use this 3D Shopping app, they get a detailed info about the product along with the 3D model which help them to visualize it in a better way. We are also gathering personal information about the users (optional) to personalize their search and reduce the wastage of time. Besides, we could also extend it to suggest products that have been bought in their social network which none of the current systems provide.

How we built it

We used Unity to build the augmented reality 3D shopping app. We implement the Vuforia library to detect the images and used freely available 3D models to meet our requirements. We used Facebook login as a way to authenticate and find more people in their network who are interested in a product.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating Android-studio code and Unity code was challenging. Having to learn Vuforia library and display the 3D models are a new experience to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We could offer a 3D experience to our users and a live comparison between two products, which help ease the problem of many choices.

What we learned

We know Unity in a much better way now than before. We had no prior experience working on Unity, but this was a great chance to learn and showcase our ability.

What's next for 3D Shopping

Getting to browse products from smartphone with 3D experience.

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