We aim to improve the quality of healthcare infrastructure on a global scale by providing 3D products on demand. We also aim to help industrial companies to manage any disruptions of their supply chains by providing 3D products on demand.

What we have done during the weekend

After the team was formed, we made a big brainstorming session to generate a huge number of improvement ideas for our project. We met regularly in videoconferences to address the following topics: • Identify our value proposition and differentiation from existing platforms. • Make our App demo using Marvel. • Identify impact in the short and long term. • Make a business case • Edit a video pitch • Address the main barriers to the implementation: IP, end-to-end approach. • Write the textural pitch collecting all the information generated.

During this project we have learnt how find the appropriate skills needed in the team. At the beggining, any of us had knowledge on programming and App development. Afortunately, we could add a member with some experience so everybody could learn from him, for example, to make a demo App using Marvel.


In the last step of the project, we had a lot of difficulties with video editors because many of our PCs belong to or companies and external SW cannot be intalled. We could finally make de video sharing voice documents between us to squeeze the resources we had.

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