Native .STL Exporter for Revit does not deal with detailing/scaling issues associated with 3D Printing BIM models. We propose a different approach.

What it does

Created script that slices Revit model, colors images similar to a figure-ground, then inverts their color, and collates .pngs into a .SVX (Small Voxel) file format. Process uses pen style to resize small elements that don't scale properly to 3D print from traditional .STL methods (think railings, stairs, mullions, interior walls, etc.). This way we maintain model detail and provide a simpler workflow to create printable files during documentation phases in Revit.

What's next...

Preview cut using slider in Revit Scale control Unit Convert Plugin button workflow Voxel2Triangle for conversion to .STL file format (for 3D printers that require .STL to create toolpathing) Web-based integration?


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