Problem: It is difficult to explain 3D products using words and images.

Case 1: You're an engineer on a team designing a product using 3d software such as Solidworks or Pro-Engineer. You're team is currently using screenshots and email to collaborate on the design. You are able to collaborate effectively when you have access to your PC.

Case 2: You're a Surgeon hired by a Medical Device company to consult on the design of a new product. You do not have access to any 3D software and therefore rely on emails, screenshots, and video conferencing to collaborate on the project.

Case 3: You're a current customer or potential customer for a product. Prototypes are expensive and therefore the only marketing material you were given was some brochures. You have some questions about the product and how it works.

3D-PO allows companies to share 3D files with permitted users and customers so that they can better understand the product. This eliminates fragmentation and allows all conversations to be centered in one place. This enables all parties involved to be able to view the product on their own time and can decrease delays due to scheduling conflicts. This also allows real time updates so that everyone involved is always collaborating on the latest and greatest design.

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