Facts in COVID-19 pandemia context: • the Universities have cancelled all in-person classes • medical (dental) education, including healthcare activity, is suspended. • the specific knowledge transfer toward students need to be quickly address • it is mandatory to find original, more real life like, learning tools, which facilitate acquirement of practicall skills and competencies needed on the labor market

What it does

The aim of our project is to lay the foundation of an online educational tool, with a practical training curriculum. This service available in virtual environment makes it possible for teachers to be easily accessible to students through personal devices and offers valuable help in overcoming the discontinuity in the training process. The online study modules have a greater interactive potential, due to the use of a 3d digitization system rendered in real time, together with the audio-video demonstration of the therapeutic procedures on the real patients or on didactic models. In this way the students will have immediate access, for further analysis and processing, to the three-dimensional result of the interventions. In the dentistry area, the other clinical and technological steps toward the final dental rehabilitation will be also documented in real time webinars where discussions will be open on every demonstrated subject. Student could also make step by step the clinical technique on remote simulators, send the digitized result to the course instructor which can give him an imediat feedback.

How we built it

We will organise online webinars on a specific MOODLE platform where – in the dental specialization area for example- a practical training takes place as follows: • live patient or simulator demonstrations of different clinical analyses or preparations techniques, transmitted by high quality video recordings. • live digital impressions with intra-oral scanner ( and facial scanner) of both dental arches, static and dynamic, transformed in three dimensional STL files, which are sent to the students and can be easy visualized and analyzed by every course participant with a free software. • live step by step demonstration of the future restoration design (or multiple possible designs) on the three dimensional models in a dedicated dental design software, which provides a better understanding of the technological process to students, helping them to choose between treatment possibilities • student follows the step by step indications of the trainer and prepare the same model tooth in real time in a remote location. • student scan (with a phone application) the prepared model tooth, send the 3D file and receive the instructor feedback

Challenges we ran into

We had to make a research to find : • the optimal webinar plugin to integrate in our MOODLE platform, capable to sustain a large high quality of live video streaming data and 3D data.
• free and optimal phone scanning applications, available on various android systems • funding resources (private or European) for the needed acquisitions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the received a positive feedback about our original idea which open possibilities of development. We also received many technical solutions and possibility of funding.

What we learned

We learned the value of sharing ideas and we believe that the new online learning model could open collaboration possibilities with worldwide education systems

What's next for 3D online education and practical training tool

In order to continue the project we intend to find funding sources to assure the technical necessities: • face scanner • intraoral scanner • laptop I7 9750 H 32G RAM M2 SSD, dedicated GPU nVIDIA with 8 GB • video camera and accessories • soft license for dental design • 3D printer • plugin webinar for MOODLE platform

After the end of the crisis period, the access of the different student levels to clinical activity will be still limited until the university’s clinical space will be reorganized in order to fulfill new specific criteria. We have the necessary expertise to implement the proposed activity by disseminating medical updated information at educational and professional level to undergraduate, postgraduate PhD students, residents in speciality, general and specialist dentist practitioners, which could upgrade their theoretical and practical knowledge.


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