Think of Google Map in 3D mode but in the game Dark Souls Remastest. Unlike most open-word games that only emphasize the horizontal axis. The interactive map allows the gamers to discover insights into the vertical dimension of a landscape in addition to the x, y spatial dimension.

What it does

Inspired by the Metroid Prime 3D map, the Interactive Guide to Dark Souls Remastest (Halo Guns) project aims to create an interactive map that points out all of the Halo weapons hidden in the game by the modder. Our idea is to make an item cheat sheet to show the weapons location on the 3D map where gamers can zoom in and zoom out, scroll up and down so gamers can have a better understanding to make their way there.

How we built it

We build it with html5, CSS, blender, Visual Studio Code and Sketchfab.

Challenges we ran into

Beginners to coding and first-time hackathon

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We start to transition our roles from being players to creators.

What we learned

We learn to collaborate remotely, manage a project from start to finish, and port 3d file to HTML5

What's next for the 3D Interactive Guide to Dark Souls Remastest (Halo Guns)

We want to bring the map to VR/AR/XR so the gamers can better visualize their real-scale and in-game surroundings.

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