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Team Members:

Kyle Chadwick

Albert Soto

Edgar Reyes


-Platform: Microsoft Hololens -Development Tools: Unity, Autodesk AliasAutoStudio( Educational License), Windows MRTK


  • Magnificent (2015), Alumo written and produced by Matt Harris (creative commons license)


With the new emerging technologies such as AR, many industries are being influenced by it and changing the way they offer products to people and their customers; and the transportation industry is not the exception. In a near future autonomous technology will take over the roads and little by little people will spend more time commuting, time that can be used more productively.

What it does

It’s an interactive interior vehicle environment that does not dictate how it should be used. It is like a white canvas that is waiting for its first strokes of an artist. It is an AR inspired vehicle, that has no steering wheel or other components, such as a center console, button-filled dashboards, etc. What it does is enable you to maximize the usability of its physical space, by placing your favorite applications over regular surfaces like door panels. The idea is to have many possibilities to distribute information and entertainment inside the vehicle. You can also save the arrangement that you like the most in your profile within the platform, so next time you get into the car it will be ready like the last time you where there. Moreover it saves profiles for different commuting environments, like trains or buses.


The first challenge that we faced is that two of our team members never used Unity before neither Holo-lens. So we had to start from scratch to be able to come up with an idea that was compelling for all of us and also achievable, without loosing our ambition to create something great. The interdisciplinary exchange of thoughts and points of view was one of the best parts, as we had to learn each others professional language to come up with a great solution. We were nervous because failure was very possible in such a small team and most of the things we wanted to do where hard to accomplish and nobody had knowledge on how to do.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

The team bonded really well and ended up having great communication. We all went trough the pain of developing solutions for things we didn’t know how to do, but in the end we succeeded. Another great accomplishment is that we learned a little more about a different field out of our comfort zone while giving others information about our own. Now we can start our own projects with the new knowledge acquired and expand our comfort level to new realms.

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