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what are main solutions proposed?

1_ Self employment job opportunities (during and after the covid_19 period)

2_ Provide to hospitals personal protection equipment's. (specially in countries of bad economical situation)


    The progress is divided into phases we are now at phase 4

Phase 1:

After the lock down of countries due the covid_19 shipping was not an option. Solutions should be cheap and Manufactured in the country. we used 3D printing to solve this issue. (you may think that 3d printing is slow and is not efficient for mass production but we invented a 3d model that reduces the time of 3d printing of Personal protection equipment face shield from 6 hours to ~2 min).

phase 2:

After that our country Lebanon was not able to afford to buy face shields and ventilators along with other medical equipment's. here a team of professional engineers where formed (Lebanon response team) and we proudly implemented most of the projects including the face shield using the 3d technology. We where able to support the main corona virus center in Lebanon with the needed equipment's. It was all done remotely and here is the key for the phase 3.

phase 3:

After that a separate team was formed ( France, Holand , Lebanon) to participate in a hackathon sponsored by the " Freiderish Noamann foundation" . The Idea now is how to transmit the same success to other countries "Remotely". And we did it, we won. We where able to get sponsored . We are building a platform (website ) links 3d printer owners to people who need 3d printed things. Advantage of such website we will be able to :
1_ Provide self employment job opportunities during and after the covid_19 period.

2_Help specially Countries that are facing bad economical situation to provide 3D printable personal protection equipment's without shipping row material!

3_ Creating a worldwide community that is interested in 3D technology. the estimated time for the website to be done is ~4 weeks from today Meanwhile we should proceed to phase 4 :

phase 4: Currently We are here - Marketing strategy- Social media :

_YouTube channel:

_we realize after studying the market that , we need the process to be very interactive to succeed.

Since we are more into the "polling " business model concept than into the " pushing "concept we believe that building an educational platform on YouTube will generate lead's to the mechanism sustainably. So the main idea now is to provide high value content on the YouTube platform to generate lead and build a Brand. technique to be used: After studying the way YouTube promote it's videos. (based on views and how much it's interactive).

*1_ Animation: * Higher the efficiency (click throw rate).

2_ Interactive videos:To maximize interactive part we will include the new technology of interactive video.

3_Business startups:we will provide users with methods for effective uses of the program.

4_Multi-linguistic:we will upload in several languages so we can spread the message to the maximum.

5_Daily uploads:YouTube promote videos of users who uploading more (High quality content).

Main points

How the website will help medical field?

web will locate institution and people who need 3D printed solutions (example face shield)

What differentiates us?

• Marketing strategy that we developed this weekend. • The sustainability in the business model. • Community : We are joining people that has same goals together on this platform _ one of our goal is to help the medical : even if it is a doctor that needs 3d modeling to medicine teeth of his/her patient.

Team and how we started briefly :

  Clearly results started to appear hospitals show a need and we where able to provide them with their needs.

So a team of expert was found to make this solution achievable by other country. Team: Ezzedin ayoubi senior lead Senior Lead in development at KLM ,DEV Team mentor Hassan Hallal Team Leader at ASSYSTEM E&I ,Business, Management(mentor in business management )
Ali Hussein: mechanical engineering student founder of Superokk. 3D printer owners: we have a big database of people who are welling to start providing Hospitals and even people.
Any skilled in anything he is thinking that he can be an added value kindly don't hesitate to contact us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

  • We are proud that we where able to provide main covid_19 center in Lebanon with the face shields needed last week, and that we are able to make some profit to make it sustainable.

  • Won several competition

  • Ranked Top 15 in worldwide hackathon of IEEE

What we learned:

  • How to make from the weakness a point of strength.

    • Group work using social distance.

tech to use in execution

_ In labs doing experiments for compatibility if someone want to add a new product (like sterilizing test)

_the majority of it will spent on software's that will make the process easier: we list:

_upgrade an animation software called **** (I have it but we need to upgrade enterprise level and we need the color versions)

_powerful animation app called **** that will give us the ability to make character moving (and to tell stories ,to make the contempt extremely easy to understood)

_this software is extremely powerful (specifically for us). 3D printing mean customization ,and this give us the abilities to customize any video to all our viewers!!

_will help translate ,** text to speech ,speech to text , join every slide to the voice inserted **without the suffer and the time loss of meshing

_intro videos and finalizing in high professional videos in matter of minutes (first to do that it was taking days !!! )

we want to make a difference in the digital age.

The Digital Health is extremely important at this time. _It will simplify and accelerate the processes. _No shipping requirements and fits specially in countries in bad economic situation. _Higher efficiency ,Lower time _ More job opportunities

never forgot: dream big you can fly

environmentally friendly

3d printing materil we are using are almost 100% (disintegratable,and recycable). (good for nature).In addition that we have other backup plans.

Mentors and sponsors

thank you for the great effort you are putting without these competitions we where not able to progress so far.

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