<The inspiration for this project came from a class that required this project called LMC 2700.

What it does

<It takes 2D abstract piece of art called "Full moon and pyramid Art Print" by Picomodi and turns it into a 3D artwork viewable in VR.

How I built it

<I built this artwork using the text editor Brackets while using javascript and css to create the shapes and colors.

Challenges I ran into

<Most of the challenges I ran into had to do with matching the right color code to the actual color in the 2D artwork as well as trying to position each shape in the correct spot to look 2D from the from but as you move around it is noticeably 3D.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

<I am proud of how well it turned out. The colors really do the artwork justice and the positioning couldn't have been better. I spent hours figuring everything out and it really shows.

What I learned

<While creating this project I learned how to use css and Aframe to create VR objects and spaces.

What's next for 3D full moon and pyramid rendering

<I plan on continuing this work of art and possibly creating an entire environment that connects with this artwork rather than just the artwork itself. I might even implement a game that uses this VR environment.

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