The need for organs due to injury or illness inspired us to create a whole new approach for customized replacement tissue.

What it does

It prints living cells in a user defined manner. During the Techfest we optimised the software, customized the printer case and integrated LEDs at a specific wavelength to induce fluorescence of our printed tissue.

How I built it

We utilised a Ultimaker2+, printed all the necessary components for a Bioprinter, haked the printer firmware and modified the slicer software.

Challenges I ran into

Modifying the printing software in a way that it can handle the reservoir without running into it and crash.

What's next for 3D Bioprinter

We are taking our project to the iGEM finals in Boston (USA) and will present the results in front of 5.000 people. In the distant future we are visioning to print real organs to do the problem of organ shortage forgotten.

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