Today its not enough to simply have the data, customers expect businesses to make effective use of it to deliver on the level of customer experience they value and expect. At 3CLogic, we complement Infusionsofts’s powerful sales and marketing platform with a complete suite of multichannel contact center solutions. We offer Infusionsoft customers the “Communication” component they require to seamlessly enhance lead nurturing initiatives, increase rep productivity, and drastically improve customer experience - we help to close the loop from lead to customer.


We built our solution purely for cloud to deliver an enterprise-level platform for any size business without the infrastructure costs or hassle. At 3CLogic, we help to level the playing field to allow the latest small business to compete while growing with them as they hit each milestone. And we love it!


3CLogic offers a long list of call center features to cater to the various needs of all the businesses we encounter. But more importantly, we built our solution based on an innovative distributed platform to help avoid the bottleneck pitfalls common to most centralized-server platforms. In the end, that means greater systems reliability, flexibility, security, and scalability for every user.


  • Ability to nurture leads within Infusionsoft into appropriate campaigns and next steps with pre-determined tags and posts depending on the outcome of any customer interaction.
  • Skills-based routing and advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD).
  • Automatic Lead Retrieval.
  • Call Recording.
  • Predictive Dialer.
  • Speed-to-Call.
  • Click-to-Call.
  • Automatic Client Information "pop" for any incoming call.
  • Automatic field syncing between Infusionsoft and 3CLogic.
  • Real-time Reports.
  • Single User Interface.
  • Customer-driven Customizations.
  • Carrier Agnostic.

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