My domain: was having a long lag with the last update. I can confirm it is stable at this time.

Again the whole project can be found @ (web application) The /VR link host was the first stable release and the entire site is now the submission.

On entry to explore a threejs/a-frame hosted scene. Complete with layered 3d spatial audio and 3d custom models and text. You can interact on the scene on a VR computer and with a wifi connection on a WebVR compatible device.

You can also explore other javascript scenes with Multiple Hosted Videos in 3d.

I hope you are able to accept the update, I had to work out a domain issue ;)

I hope to show off even more exciting iterations of this project as a semi-finalist. I recently competed in a hackathon at Mozilla (Firefox) here in SF working on similar web hostings of 3d/VR web spaces/applications. I was awarded a 360˚camera and would love to use it in LA to incorporate new media.


I wanted to find a way to combine, music, images and 360 video into a website experience that would work in mobile VR.

What it does

A guided meditation through a group art zine with a VR video playing in the background (works best on laptop / Chrome and VR headset attached)

How I built it

Using Three.JS and patience

Challenges I ran into

Getting the WebVR to run in all browsers and applications (Example Firefox on an iphone, etc)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is a fully immersive audio/video experience that works in VR. It is an alternative way to display billboards of images in a VR setting.

What I learned

How to combine VR and mobile device browsers.

What's next for 360 Video in Web Browser w/ VR & moving images.

I will work on making sure it stays current with all updates to webVR. Updating the content for the final submission to AT&T with their images.

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