We really wanted to challenge ourselves for our first hackathon. We see VR video as a huge future opportunity and honestly a really cool concept.

What it does

We planned to make a VR video sharing platform that focuses on sharing experiences (A concert, walking into landmarks, ect.)

How we built it

The sign in and sign up page was built using PHP and Mysql. The front end was built in using HTML and CSS and VR video player was built using Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Lots of challenges we ran into was mostly in integrating the VR and upload playback feature into the site. We were able to code in a VR video directly as a proof of concept and make an upload feature but we ran into a problem of differentiating a VR video from a regular one and using the uploaded videos in a video player.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to code a VR video into the site. It's shaky but it's a proof that we can make it work.

What we learned

It was one of the first times we worked in such a time constrained project and it was honestly really fun. We learned a ton of the basics of making a website and integrating VR video.

What's next for 360 adventures

We can only get better! It was our first hackathon and it has inspired us to learn even more coding and really look into the libraries that are available to us.

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