There are times that I want to ride my bike; the weather's good, my trip length is short and I want the exercise. But I don't, because I'm worried about my safety on the road and / or I don't know if I can park my bike securely at the other end.

This app aims to make cyclists feel more comfortable on the road, by directing cyclists to high volume cycle routes with dedicated bike lanes. The second aim is to connect cyclists with business that offer bike parking. I want to convert car trips to bike trips for trips to the gym, restaurants, library, cafes etc.

What it does

  1. Optimizes a bike route based on a) where other cyclists ride - using San Mateo Bike Count Data. b) where the bike facilities are - using MTC bike route shapefile
  2. Connects business with "bicycle friendly" semi-secure parking with cyclists. Business offer the bike parking in return for cyclist patronage.

How I built it

I used San Mateo Bike Count data and MTC bike route shapefile in conjunction with a GIS application to produce the maps. This is a prototype built in ppt.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm happy with how it looks.

What I learned

ARCGIS applications are pretty powerful.

Built With

  • gis
  • ppt
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