Inspiration for 305Challenge is to create a DAO that builds and runs autonomously with a focus on education and entertainment to obtain various levels and goals.

What it does

Play to Own blockchain game that evolves with the challenge of each personal profile to create max engagement with the user. Each challenges is equal 1 of 1 million tokens (esh) owned by the game.

How we built it

ERC20 contract on binance smart chain using the OS.

Challenges we ran into

Creating 2nd level automations with unknown future factors, no oracles and other economic structures to create a fair game across players.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got it live from idea.

What we learned

Its harder to build real autonomous DAO's then expected.

What's next for 305Challenge

Little bit more love and attention when time permits or look for a media distribution hack to get some exposure.

Built With

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posted an update

Was unable to get the actual challenge working correctly with real time data along with the token integration linked to each question for automated execution of a token transfer. This was our 3rd option to hack on so little time to connect the dots.

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