I got inspired by the game called "The World Ends With You" and I just thought of the "Google Chrome Dinosaur Game" so I added that too.

What it does

This is a game that tests how player handles asynchronous task but with a twist, they control 2 characters that are not in sync. It includes consequences as well, as each action taken may affect the character and thus losing them the game

How I built it

I built it using LIBGDX and first created the basis for a 2d platformer game

Challenges I ran into

My LIBGDX was automatically building the project structure using jkd 9, even though gradle can only work with jdk8 (1.8.0).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I used the box2d class to efficiently detect collisions, it was my first time using the class so I didnt know what to expect. And I am so glad it went better than I expected

What I learned

I have learnt how to use more classes other than box2d and I also learn how to code two games on the same screen

What's next for 300 DinoCorn

I will try to implement animations as well ass path-finding algorithms for the enemy

Built With

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