1. Team Formation with Strangers You're a small town Aussie hacker trying to build cool stuff with strangers in hackathons. Mum said to never talk to strangers without seeing their GitHub profile.

"By the time I found a good team, the hackathon was over"

  • The tools available to find prospective teammates aren't covering all important aspects in a team fit.

2. Unstructured Team Ideation

  • Your new teammates are speaking in different languages and angles across multiple tracks.
  • It's 12 hours into the hack, and there is no consensus on the idea.
  • No one took notes.

3. Devpost Merge Conflicts It's the final hour of your 36 hour long hackathon, you and your teammates are sleep deprived. But it's cool, you got everything you need to submit – just fill in the form.

  • Tragedy strikes, multiple teammates are saving on the same submission and merge conflicts prevent saving – reverting everyone's work back to zero.

Welcome to hackathon hell

What it does

"Welcome to Devpost Heaven"

1. Augmented Participant Search:

  • Filters, Chat and Links: Please include more filters in searching for participants (commitment level, existing ideas, tracks they are leaning towards...etc).
  • Having a chat on Devpost would also help more fluid communication versus emails.
  • Having participants links (GitHub, LinkedIn, website) accessible in participant search would also be neat!

2. Templates and time-boxing tools for Ideation:

  • Templates for ideation and design thinking process (on miro, google docs, etc) to help guide discussion.
  • And a rough timeline guide based on hackathon duration. E.g. if hackathon organisers create a 1 week hackathon – a timeline guide is created to help inform teams what progress they should have made to help time-box them.
  • Notifications: SMS, notifications, or email to alert hackers on time-boxing alerts.

3. Easing Devpost Merge Conflicts: Multiple tools exist for this.

  • Think Google Docs for Devpost submission. Live and collaborative edits seamlessly merge together.
  • Markdown formatting toolbar. Empowering the Markdown beginners, and making it Markdown more accessible.

How we built it

  • Experience across winning 21/30 hackathons. 16 wins with complete strangers. 3 solo wins.
  • Experience hacking virtually from Australia for US timezones
  • Love for hackathons and hacking with people.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Nice designs!

What's next

  • Start conversation with Devpost staff to implement features in feasible, tested, and scalable manner.

Built With

  • 30
  • across
  • and
  • australia
  • experience
  • hackathons
  • in-person
  • of
  • singapore
  • united-states
  • virtually
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