Currently, there are nearly 1.8 million COVID-19 cases worldwide. We wanted a way to give people a chance to see the severity of the situation for those in less fortunate positions, such as Wuhan civilians or those in poverty in general. As a result, players may realize that they should take this pandemic more seriously. We also decided to make this program a game to help prevent some of the quarantine boredom and make it more engaging.

What it does

45 Days of the Pandemic is a text-based survival game that encourages the player to make smart choices in order to outlast the COVID-19 pandemic. Players can experience how serious the situation currently is for those in hard-hit areas (Wuhan, New York, London, and Los Angeles) and be more aware of how necessary it is to stay clean and maintain social distancing. It encourages good habits such as washing your hands and refraining from hoarding to win, and ideally these good habits stay ingrained in real life.

Furthermore, the simulator addresses prevalent issues including but not limited to domestic abuse, mask shortage, panic buying, price gauging, and ignorance. There are dozens of possible questions and scenarios.

How we built it

With Visual Studio and WPF, we used C# and XAML for all of the game programming. The game also utilizes machine learning with Javascript to accurately estimate the amount of COVID-19 cases there will be in the next few weeks for cities like Los Angeles and New York City. Medibang was the app we used for art.

Challenges we ran into

Because the final weeks in the game take place in the future, it was a challenge to design the end of the game while maintaining as much accuracy as possible. Fortunately, with the machine learning, we were able to create a script that could predict the number of cases in the next few weeks and tell if hospitals were past carrying capacity.

This was also our first time working with XAML, so we needed to familiarize ourselves with the language before we could really start getting to work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were very proud to see the project come together. Although creating the first loop of questions took some time, we had a solid foundation and after that, being able to finally play through the game and have fun with it was rewarding.

What we learned

We learned a lot on how to use XAML and .NET Framework/WPF, and we will definitely use it again. More importantly, all of the research that was necessary to create this game was incredibly eye-opening, and we ourselves learned a lot about the severity of the pandemic and its side effects.

What's next for 30 Days of the Pandemic

We plan to add more randomized scenarios-- the possibilities are endless. Adding other cities like Milan or Seoul to the game will also add diversity, so that players can have a different experience each time they play.

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