Being an Alexa fitness enthusiast and software engineer I put all my passions into this project to bring a fitness experience to other Alexa fitness enthusiasts.

What it does

The 30 Day Full Body Challenge uses Alexa as a medium to walk users through a daily workout routine. With Alexa ISP subscriptions users can now subscribe to enough 30 day challenges to exercise all year round along with cardio workouts to supplement the challenges. Works on all Alexa devices but is best with bigger screen devices to get the full eperience.

How I built it

This Alexa skill runs on a aws lambda using c# dotnet core, dynamodb, S3 along with APL.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Adding ISP to an already exciting Alexa skill along and to expand the code to support more challenges adn multiple types of workouts.

What I learned

How to implement ISP subscriptions and bettered my APL knowledge.

What's next for 30 Day Full Body Challenge With Alexa ISP

More challenges and workouts.

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