Inspiration 🧠

Over the past year we have seen an increased interest in careers in esports. This game was inspired by many a night when hanging out in the Team Liquid Minecradt Discord voice chat especially one day when a young person would joined the voice chat and asked in a small voice how to become a competitive Roblox player for Team Liquid.

Many young people frequent the Team Liquid community areas and ask how they can get involved in the community and ultimately get a job for Team Liquid. Being one of the top gaming organizations in the world, Team Liquid is our ideal career place and the best way to highlight the different opportunities in esports other than competitive play.

We were inspired by the Team Liquid members we interviewed and interacted with when learning more about Esports and all the different roles there are to contribute in the field! Team Liquid employees like Janet, Yoshi, and Gamer work to build an engaged community and support its members. We wanted to highlight their work and show them how we see them as the awesome role models whose jobs we covet.

What it does 🌟

3 Nights an Intern at Team Liquid is an educational visual novel with interactive minigames to teach people about different fields and jobs in Esports. You play as Blue, the team mascot, who wants to try other opportunities, and you meet all sorts of quirky Team Liquid members across departments!

This is a choose-your-own adventure visual novel which lets any person choose a field they're interested in to hone their skills with a relevant activity. For example, in community management with Yoshi, you take on the Moderation challenge and evaluate messages to see if someone should be helped, warned, or banned based off the official server code of conduct.

Pictured: Educational Visual Novel

Choose your own adventure and meet Team Liquid employees! Meet Yoshi

How we built it 🖥️

The project was built with the RenPy engine. Pygame, the Twitter API, and IFTTT were used for additional functionalities for webhooking and custom minigame interactivity. In addition, the game features completely original art and music. For project management and collaboration, we used Trello and Github. Check out the repo for the opensource code!

Challenges we ran into 💪

Originally when applying for a Twitter Developer account to get access to their API, it took 4 days to be approved, so that was something we would like to not rely on for the future! In addition, our team of 4 had different backgrounds and experience in different programs. Ultimately, we went with the RenPy game engine, though this meant a lot of learning for one of the programmers to pick up a new engine.

Pictured: Creative Writing Minigame

Hone your skills in interactive minigames. In this creative writing minigame, if you grant permission, your work will be published to Twitter by the Twitter bot, example provided below! Creative Writing Minigame Twitter

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🙌

The accessibility options were something we were proud of! For example, the game features different fonts, font sizes, and font line spacing in the Preferences menu that shows up as soon as someone starts a new game. There is also a text-to-speech narrator that you can check out by pressing v in-game!

What we learned ✨

For the lead programmer, it was her first time using RenPy! It was fun picking up a new game engine in 7 days. In addition, it was exciting to collaborate with others around everyone's school and fulltime job schedules.

Accessibility Options


What's next for 3 Nights an Intern at Team Liquid 🚀

More Team Liquid NPCs and minigames to show off more departments and roles! Play now on Windows or Mac by downloading the game here.

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