Marjorie wakes up from her cryo beauty sleep and realized she has an over due library book! She jumps into her spaceship and rockets back to earth! her ship blows up in the atmosphere, don't ask questions, and she lands at the now ancient library to do battle with the ornery librarian and its late fee minions, do you have any clue what the compound interest is on a 3 million year over due book?

Platform and fight your way in the small arena in an attempt to figure out a way to step the Librarian from taking your book back by force. Have fun running around in this pulp sci-fi inspired romp that we had the pleasure to build for you.

GAME NOTE Please "Build" yourself a version after acquiring the project as our 3D world does not render while playing it in Unity if you download the project ZIP, there is now a Build Zip available.

Thank you for playing our game! <3



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